Ain’t nobody got time for this


I awoke this morning with my head pounding and all parts of my body aching.  I wish that I could attribute it to a fun party the night before or an intense work out, but aghast, it is an ugly cold/flu evil virus.

I begrudgingly started breakfast and making lunches.  Bacon began burning, so the husband took over that part; such a relief.   I loathed the thought of getting dressed and taking the little one to school.  The idea alone of all of that exertion, exhausted me.

Nobody has time for this  – sickness is a weakness!

Real estate goes on!  In an exciting city like Houston, buying and selling of a property is all part of normal day, even a “sick” day. Tablet to my right, cell phone to my left and computer in my lap – all in the comforts of the sick bed while sipping on organa gold coffee.  Texting, wholesaling, sending out info regarding private money,  digitally making new friends and fielding phone calls for retail market showings.  Did I mention the 50 lb Australian shepherd that is “helping” me by laying across my chest?

Life is good.


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