Home Buyers

According to the National Assocation of Realtors, over 4.93 million homes were sold in the year 2014. With that many purchased and sold, it seems to still be such a mystery, and incredibly stressful, for the first time home buyer or experienced home owner.

Shelter is a basic human need and at some point in everyone’s life, one will purchase or rent shelter.   To do so, there are many moving parts and a number of people involved. If you have a desire to purchase a home, we can help. Good Move Properties, LLC is in the business of assisting you during this exciting and life-changing time of buying or renting a home.

The desire to purchase a home is followed by questions: What part of town do I want to live? What is the best school district for my kids? How much can I afford? Does my credit matter? Do I want to live in an area with a homeowners association, and if so, how much is the fee? Do I want land? How much are the taxes in the area? Do I want a new build, or live in an established neighborhood? Should I include the insurance and taxes with my escrow? What is escrow? Which bank do I use for my mortgage? How do I find a good realtor? Does it matter which title company I use? HOW MUCH MONEY WILL I NEED TO BRING TO THE CLOSING TABLE?

Keep in mind that this is a business involving humans with personalities. Therefore, one should interview realtors, lenders and title companies. It is important to understand that one never has to use a friend whom provides these services, or relative, or recommendation by someone you know. This is a major investment; the biggest one that most people make in their entire lives. Personal information is involved including money, credit, tax statements – be prepared to be exposed. You deserve to utilize professionals that you are comfortable with.

Good Move Properties, LLC has two realtors on staff, a long list of lenders and title companies, and professionals that will hold your hand during this exhilarating, yet stressful, time.   Our homes are move in ready, but if you choose a not-so-perfect home, we have an experienced home improvement specialist on staff, whom can help you with expected costs of upgrading; plus she can give you ideas on how you can improve your new investment.

If you are ready to take the step of home ownership or renting, or just need some questions answered, feel free to call us today.   832.305.6683