Are you an investment friendly realtor?   We want you!

We are looking for agents whom will keep send us leads on distressed properties and handle the transaction on our behalf. Whether you have a listing or simply come across a hideous house, send them our way.

As we look for properties, we need to make numerous offers and be aggressive with follow up. As a realtor, you know that the ugly properties will receive multiple offers, and you must be prepared to be rejected. We want to remain smart, but win when we can.

Sometimes the best realtor for this business is someone that has, or has had, their own investment properties. That means you are familiar with the process, terminology and our needs.

Have you worked with other investors? If so, we would love to get references. We don’t expect any realtor to work solely with us. Each investor has different parameters for their business and we understand that.

We want a realtor that is honest and has integrity. Tell us what you are willing to do and not do. We won’t ever ask you to do anything dishonest and we expect the same of you. This business is all about networking and reputation. We will not jeopardize either.

You may prefer the retail real estate market, but if you are looking for an aside and the opportunity to make extra commissions, please give us a call. We would love to sit down and talk to you and share our expectations so you can make an informed decision about being on our “team.”