The sage burns and the rattle shakes!

Having been 5 years in the business and walking into multiple properties, you begin to “feel” a house.

One in particular, early in the business, began the awareness. Weird things were happening. From the time the rehab started, we would go to the house periodically and there would be a random feather – by the fireplace, on the stairs, back to the fireplace. Each time, we would pick it up and toss it outside. Wasn’t always the same feather. Sometimes blue; sometimes white.

Once rehab was completed, but not yet on the market, we would go to the house to clean and stage; this was a multi day process. Mirrors would be moved…. Michele- did you take out the mirror in the powder room? No. Well, it’s gone. Came back a few days later, a mirror was hanging in the powder room. Michele – did you hang a different mirror in the powder room. No. Hmmmmmm.

Our thought when we bought the house was this house was super cute. Culdesac lot with a pool – this would not be a problem to sell.

When you walk into a house, it has a “feel.” Sometimes it’s a knee jerk reaction of it smells like money (which usually means it has an incredibly offensive smell of cat urine, mold, smoke, dead meat, etc.) Sometimes it’s excitement because you can see the potential. And often, it may be a heaviness – something happened in this house.

This house was great. Open, happy, bright. Upstairs was simple but had lots of light. Except one bedroom. It was heavy, really sad.

This was my first experience reacting this way to a room. It was early in our business and nothing had triggered these feelings before.   But each time I walked into the room my heart was heavy and I was ready to cry.

The house went up for sale and we held an open house. And another. And another. This cute, bright, open house on a culdesac wasn’t selling.

I lamented to a friend while having coffee. She listened quietly and intently as I explained the heaviness, the feathers, the moved mirrors. Then she told me what to do. Smudge. Smudge? What on earth is that. She told me to come to her house and she would give me the sage and the indian rattle. If my eyebrow would go up on command, this would have been a great opportunity.

After receiving the items, I thought there was no way I was going to do this. But, a few more weeks passed and still no sale, so I went with my adage “what’s the worst that can happen?”   But there was no way I was going to do this alone.

Michele and I had a work day planned at the house, just to spruce it up a bit. I thought this was the day.

I took the sage, rattle and a lighter and headed up to the room. I lit the sage and let it burn for a bit, then blew out the flame so there was only smoke. I wafted it around the room – in the corners because that is where bad energy congregates – and shook shook shook the rattle.   I was in the zone and giving that bad energy a good what for. And then the smell. The smell made it downstairs. Michele screamed to “put it out! Put it out!” – convinced it was pot!… and she made it very clear that she wasn’t going to jail for burning ‘weed.’ I convinced her it was sage and from a reputable source and continued the eradication of bad energy.

Shortly after the annihilation of negative essence, the house sold. Whether it was the result of the smudge, we will not ever really know. But rest assured, the sage burns and the rattle shakes in any house which we have a feel.







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